Monday, December 22, 2008

Stats for December 19-20, 2008

BMR = 1800
Total Calorie Intake: 6200 (2900 on the 19th, 3400 on the 20th)
Total Calorie Expenditure via exercise: 3500 (1000 on the 19th, 2500 on the 20th)
Calorie Deficit of: 900 kCal
To Date Calorie Deficit/Surplus: +585 (Surplus)

The weekend was good. Did some biking and running on Saturday and ran 15 miles on Sunday, in addition to swimming, weight lifting, and other misc exercise. Overall, my weekend yielded a calorie deficit of 900 kCal, which I am happy about. Wednesday is a weigh-in and body fat testing day. We'll see how it goes.

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