Monday, December 15, 2008

New Mission

Starting today, my new mission (in addition to endurance training) will be to have visible abdominals, i.e. six pack, by March 1, 2009.

Here is where I stand now...

Body Weight: 168 lbs
Total Body Fat: 13-14%
Fat weight: 23 lbs
Lean Body Mass: 145 lbs

In order to have visible abdominals, I will need to reach the following:

Body Weight: 156 lbs
Total Body fat: 8%
Fat weight: 11 lbs
Lean Body mass: 145 lbs

In 2.5 months from December 15, 2008, I will lose about 12 lbs of body fat, 4.3 pounds per month, or 1.2 pound per week.

Theoretically, I will need about 3500 calorie deficit per week or 500 per day.

Here is my promise...
1. To update my blog daily with the day's calorie deficit. I will also make notes about the day (what I ate, how much I exercises, and where my calorie deficit came from i.e. nutrition, exercise, or both).
2. In addition to daily updates, I will update weekly (every Monday, starting next Monday) with the new statistics
3. Most of my calorie deficit will come through training.
4. I will use the Accumeasure Body Fat Calipers to measure my fat loss and a house-scale for body weight.

Q: Why did I choose to start this in mid-December instead of waiting until January 1?
A: Because I want to start early so that I can finish early. Also, most people set the so-called "New Year Resolution Goals", of which most fall apart within the first week or two. If you want to change, start NOW... waiting for a specific date is a recipe for failure.

More questions? send them my way.

So, let's get it started people! Follow me, Join me!!

Feel free to post comments with your goals and progress.


Stevie said...

Hi there,

My resolution for 2009 is to complete two marathons & also gain more lean muscles on the upper body, especially pectoral, biceps & triceps.

Anonymous said...

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