Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly Transformation Emails and Blog Updates

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I am starting a FREE weekly email list where I will trace my steps back to my obese years and reveal step-by-step, little-by-little of how I transformed my body and my health from FAT and unhealthy to IronFit. Some of the topics I will touch on is nutrition, fitness, how to overcame hardships & barriers, and eliminate excuses to a healthier you. Tom Venuto, my fitness mentor has been a major influence on my athletic success. I will also discuss on how I integrated his famous Burn the Fat program in my lifestyle and continue to do so (with my own tweaks to satisfy my endurance needs). Lastly, by signing up, I will also keep my readers updated on my blog. I will send out a message as soon I have a new entry. If you're worried about spam, STOP WORRYING. I will never send you commercial emails, I will never advertise ANYTHING, never have you click on useless affiliate links, and NEVER mention a program and/or service if I don't believe in it. Just honest, valuable, informative, entertaining, and inspirational emails and advice to start off your weekend. The weekly non-biased email will be sent every Friday starting May 23, 2008. Once the form is filled out, you will receive an email where you'd need to confirm your subscription. Please check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive this.

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