Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was an especially difficult day to wake up and train. My schedule indicating that I was supposed to be out the door and on the saddle of my bike at 4:30AM, which means that my wake up alarm was set for 3;45AM. Yes, very difficult and I almost skipped it. "Almost" I say. Before retiring for the evening, last night I was watching some videos of sprinters on youtube and happen to come across a guy name Oscar Pistorius who is a Beijing 2008 hopeful. Now, there is nothing out of the ordinary here, yet, except that Oscar doesn't have legs and runs on blades. Right when I opened my eyes, Oscar came to mind and my motivation went through the roof. Whether the blades give him an edge or not is a whole different topic... but the guy is in the process of qualifying for the Olympics. How many double amputees do you know who have the will and the determination to compete in the 2008 Olympic games? Watch the video of Oscar above.

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