Thursday, December 6, 2007

2007 City of Angels Half Marathon

City of Angels Half Marathon took place this last Sunday, December 3, 2007. It was a really cold morning but warmed up rather quickly as the races started. While the majority of the race was fairly flat or descending, there were a few hills along the route. I, personally, am a hill-nerd, and would take running and cycling uphill anytime over downhill. It builds more endurance and according to one of the greatest cyclists to ever talk this earth, Floyd Landis, "Training to cycle uphill translates into direct increase of speed on flat therein." I am fairly confident we can make the same statement about running as well. According to my Forerunner 305 GPS, there are my stats for the race:

Distance: 13.19 Miles
Time: 1 Hour 28 Minutes 55 Seconds (Chip time is 1:33, why? beats me)
Average Heart Rate: 158 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate: 175 bpm
Fastest Pace: 4:45 min/mile
Slowest Pace: 9:38 min/mile
Average Pace: 6.75 min/mile

Here are some photos, Enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Great Job!

Kyle Battis said...

Great work Arkady!

It was a pleasure interviewing you for the

Keep up the great work and train with purpose my friend!

Kyle Battis CSCS, NSCA-CPT