Saturday, October 4, 2008

David Goggins Ultramarathon 150 mile Run

David Goggins, the ultramarathon runner.. Check out this great and motivtional video.


Stevie said...

I'm so emotionally moved as I watched the video, thanks for sharing it, this indeed helps me to push further in my up-coming runs/trainings. Mass Liturgy said...

I am sorry to say, but I disagree with his actions. All that time he spends could be spent on volunteering and helping others. Plus running that long is not good for the body, too much stress. The body depletes practcallly everything it has, from minerals, to nutrients, etc. Too much prayer is not not healthy. Too much studying is not healthly. Many runners help charities who just run marathons. They realize they are their brothers keeper. I wish his MORAL LIFE had muscles like is body that he shows off.

Rich said...

I love this video! He is a machine.

Anonymous said..., you don't know anything about his moral life. He is a US NAVY SEAL which says more about his morality and integrity than anything you'll ever do. Goggins is an inspiration and proof that human endurance has virtually no limit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... - you clearly don't know much about Goggins. He runs for fallen US special forces soldiers and their families. The more races he competes in, the more money he raises for charity. His actions are moral - although I'm sure there is a healthy amount of challenge in the mix. I won't bother addressing your 'stress' related comment. As a fellow ultra runner - I find them ridiculous and ill-informed.

Anonymous said... has no idea what he's talking about. I've personally run races of 100 miles (albeit not quite as fast as Goggins) and my body has recovered from the so-called "stress" enough to be training like normal within 1 to 2 days. I frequently feel better after an ultramarathon than after a marathon. Goggins raises MUCH more money with ultras than almost anyone ever does with standard marathons, so stop hating on him and get a clue.

Anonymous said... has no right to question david's morals or his reasoning. A navy seal who has influenced as many lives as he has is surely is "his brothers keeper" as you put it. Look in the mirror before commenting on this guy.

Alex said...

David Goggins inspired countless people and unless the guy ever says or does something totally dodgy NO ONE ought to feel self righteous enough to rag on him. I'm a forty four year old professor and had been comfortably content to do my three mile jogs each day until I got an idea of what Goggins and a few similar souls like Arkady have pushed themselves to do. I have no ambition to run an ultra, but in the short couple of months of considering the possibility of truly life changing performance, I've tripled my miles, thrown in cycling and swimming, strength training and a far healthier diet, not to mention given up a daily alcohol habit. My kids have been the first, after me to benefit--I'm far calmer, more focused, more tolerant. I'm very thankful for that. We need and want role models to inspire us, symbols of excellence, people who demonstrate the capacity to transcend themselves. I suspect David Goggins has been inspired by the same or similar qualities in his fellow SEALS. You'd have to be a real ass to disrespect a person who has served his country with valor and exceeded in self discipline and endurance what any reasonable person would think is even possible.